December 4, 2011

the first one

Each morning before the Pharmacist heads off for work I exclaim, "This is it! I am starting my blog today! I mean it this time!" (and, yes, I speak with an exclamation point behind each sentence.) Each day, the Pharmacist kindly nods his head, gulps down his coffee and grins at me with a twinkle in his eye. This is one complex twinkle. I'll give you an outline:

A)UM, honey, you have been saying that for two years now. (literally...two years). I've lost, gained back and lost my weight loss goals in that amount of time and haven't seen one meager post.
B)I love your enthusiasm for life and the fact that you have no recollection of saying this and not succeeding the day before, or the day before that, or the day before that.
C)I believe in you.

It is because of C that I love this man of mine. (and possibly that I've been on a two year procrastination binge.) Won't he be surprised? Shall I tell him? Or just wait until he's drinking his coffee and spring it on him? Then he might choke and coffee might come out his nose and get on his pharmacist tie. Yes, I am definitely waiting.


  1. I KNEW you could (and would!) do it! xox, one-half of your girls

  2. Everyday DOES have it's own miracles! So glad you've started, can't wait to read more!