January 14, 2015

Some girls have it all

Me watching the Bachelor 
"Ugh! I mean these girls are gorgeous, but don't you think he'd want someone with half a brain??"

"Well, either way it would be awesome to fly over the Grand Canyon like that."

"Wait- they're in the Grand Canyon?? How do you know?"

Blank stare. 
"I'm just glad I got a girl with 
beauty AND brains, babe."

January 2, 2015

grocery run

I made a massive grocery run the other day and was feeling super domestic-ish. When Matt came home, I wanted to let him know what all we had.  After guiding him through an extensive tour of the refrigerator, freezer and pantry, I noticed that he was standing in the middle of the kitchen blinking too much.

“Are you going somewhere?” He was sort of squirming and looking around with darty eyes. “I mean, are you sick? Are you leaving? Leaving US?? Oh my gosh, what’s wrong? Are you leaving?”

This, people, is my husband’s response when I show up with groceries.

And this is the exact reason I am winning mother and wife-hood! I win.